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Ruby Camille

The Newest Jewel in R&B

Ruby Camille, the 26-year-old Nashville (Franklin) native, singer-songwriter, producer, song publisher, and content creator has done it again - and this time it’s special! She will be dropping her 9th and absolute best project to date. Like Janet Jackson, she is now in control of her life, feelings, and music. You will hear the growth if you go back and listen to her music. Click the link above and listen to this very special track called “Keep It On The Low.”

She is an all around writer who writes  jingles, hot hooks for the streetz, collabs with other artists,  and has a growing social media presence; and now she has an incredible new song.

Known as The Newest Jewel, her friends simply call her “RC.” Her first album, “RC1,” was released in 2017 and features Kirk Whalum and her Grammy Award winning father, bassist and producer “VC” Victor Caldwell. 

She has sung the National Anthem at high school and college events, sold out performances with her band, hot club dates and will be performing at the Juneteenth festival in Franklin Tennessee.

Her earlier works like Faded and Self Love can be seen on her website and her YouTube channel. She is a graduate of Samford University in communications and takes her career seriously, this is her life!

So let’s talk about Ruby Camille on your blog, podcast, magazine or even make her your brand ambassador. She has what it takes to become a major star, and your listeners need to know about her. Learn more about Ruby Camille on @rubycamillemusic and facebook.

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One thing about love is that you don't have to let everyone know what you are doing and who you are seeing. 🤫 Not because you're doing something wrong, it's just not anybody's business so....Keep It On The Low.

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This song was inspired by the strong and independent women in the world today. Our Queens need uplifting and support. We bring so much to the table and we expect nothing less than love and respect.

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